Enzo v2.0 documentation

Welcome to Enzo’s documentation!

This is the development site for Enzo, an adaptive mesh refinement (AMR), grid-based hybrid code (hydro + N-Body) which is designed to do simulations of cosmological structure formation. Links to documentation and downloads for all versions of Enzo from 1.0 on are available.

Enzo development is supported by grants AST-0808184 and OCI-0832662 from the National Science Foundation.


Enzo Users Mailing List

enzo-users-l@lists.ucsd.edu is the community forum (archive).

Regression Tests

The Enzo trunk and select branches are checked out of Subversion and tested continuously using LCATest on ppcluster.ucsd.edu:

For questions or suggestions related to the Enzo regression testing or lcatest, please contact James Bordner at jobordner at ucsd.edu.

Citing Enzo

If you use Enzo for a scientific publication, we ask that you cite the code in the following way in the acknowledgments of your paper:

Computations described in this work were performed using the Enzo code developed by the Laboratory for Computational Astrophysics at the University of California in San Diego (http://lca.ucsd.edu).

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